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How To Accessorize a Double Vanity (DIY Tips)

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According to a Harvard Business Review article, your morning mood can make or break your entire day. One of the first pieces of furniture you come in contact with every morning is your double vanity. If you find your current setup dull or boring, accessorizing it might provide you with that extra boost you need in the morning.

You can accessorize your double vanity by picking a motif, trying patterned tiles, and using complementary accessories. You can also consider customizing your cabinets and beautifying your bottles and containers. Moreover, you can also try adding some plants and fixing your lighting.

In this article, I’ll discuss a few quick, cost-efficient ways to accessorize your double vanity. I’ll also include some well-reviewed recommendations to help you pick your own designs. Let’s get started!

1. Pick a Motif and Stick To It

Picking a motif is the first step you should take when decorating your double vanity. Without a specific motif, you’ll lose vision of what you initially had in mind and start adding things that don’t fit in.

Some common bathroom motifs are classic designs with a regal look and slight hints of a baroque style. Classic designs work well with earth colors and brass metal finishes.

They also project a sense of warmth from the rich yellow tones that this motif’s palettes typically lean towards.

Alternatively, you can also look into modern bathroom designs if you want a streamlined look and minimalist feel. This works well with cool colors that give you a fresh feeling.

This motif also works well with silver and other neutral colors to portray that classy look that almost everyone loves.

You can also pick Eastern artistic designs, like Chinese or Japanese motifs, if you want something that can remind you of nature.

These typically feature wooden accessories made of bamboo, acacia, or palm. These designs can evoke a Zen feeling that can help brighten your mood.

2. Try Patterned Tiles for the Background

Installing patterned tiles next to your mirrors can upgrade your double vanity’s look. They can spice up an otherwise bland wall profile and accentuate some of your other designs. Patterned tiles can also add character to your double vanity, allowing more personalization.

Best Patterned Tiles For Your Double Vanity

To help you pick the right design, here are my top three picks from

STICKGOO Hexagon Peel and Stick Backsplash Tile

This patterned tile is perfect if you want a quick installation without grout or cement. It comes in seven colors for you to pick from, depending on your chosen motif. Its metal edges give almost any design a sophisticated and modern look.

This tile also features a scratch-resistant surface with heat resistant plastic core. They also have a tough bottom foil to attach their long-lasting EVA foam tape.

You’ll get a pair of gloves, ten sheets of PVC mixed metal tiles, and a two-year warranty with every purchase. You’ll also be eligible for 24-hour after-sales assistance.

Soulscrafts Italian White Carrara Marble

This patterned tile is your choice if you want genuine marble for your double vanity’s background. Their Italy-sourced Carrara marble is carefully selected to give you consistent tile size and look.

This tile design works best for Mediterranean or classic motifs. Marble has been known to symbolize refined taste making it work flawlessly with other traditional designs.

Art3d Peel and Stick Brick Kitchen Backsplash

This patterned tile is the choice if you want an assorted stone look. This design typically works for more personal and niche motifs that feature mosaics and post-modern designs.

This particular patterned tile is also easily installed with an adhesive. It also comes in five color variants, depending on your taste.

3. Use Accessories With Colors That Complement Your Motif

No one likes to see chaos when they go to the bathroom first thing in the morning. As much as possible, only use accessories that complement your chosen motif well.

For example, baroque double vanity motifs work well with brass cabinet handles and earth-toned paints. You can add some greens from your plants, but don’t go overboard.

I typically suggest limiting your primary colors to two, with up to 2 minor colors (for accessories that you have difficulty matching).

You should also consider matching your metals together. For example, don’t mix silver-lined mirrors with brass-colored taps.

4. Customize Your Cabinets or Match Your Motif With Them

Although wooden cabinets are beautiful on their own (especially when their grains are showing), you might want to paint over them to match your chosen motif. For example, your bare ebony cabinet won’t work well with a baby blue motif.

Alternatively, you can match your entire motif with your cabinet’s natural color if you don’t want to paint them over. Still, I recommend that you at least coat your cabinets with varnish to protect them from termites, water, and humidity.

You should pay attention to your cabinet’s wood type. Hardwoods like ebony and walnut are naturally dark in color and work well with gothic or classic motifs. They’re also exceptionally solid and resist chemical changes well.

Softwoods, on the other hand, are usually porous and absorb moisture excessively. Although their lighter color, such as those of pine and spruce, does look good with some motifs, it’s better not to use them in your bathroom.

Moreover, don’t forget to match your cabinet handles with metals you already have installed, such as mirrors, taps, or metal containers.

5. Beautify Your Bottles and Shower Caddies

Your shampoo’s original packaging may not be as aesthetic as you’d prefer. The plastic wraps can be too colorful for your taste, or you just don’t like how they’re shaped.

Pair this with a disorganized double vanity setup; you’ll have mornings when you’ll waste time looking for your toothpaste.

Best Bottles and Shower Caddies for Your Double Vanity

Fortunately, I found some great bottles and shower caddy recommendations from

Debecty Corner Shower Caddy

This shower caddy is sure to help you get organized. Its corner configuration allows for minimal design obstruction while serving practical purposes that fit your needs.

One set comes in three sizes with three hooks on its sides, allowing you to hang and dry your hand towels quickly. You also won’t need a drill to install this as it comes with its own adhesive. This caddy is also made of coated stainless steel to avoid rusting and staining.

JASAI Clear Glass Soap Dispenser

This glass soap dispenser with a stainless steel pump is a perfect addition to almost any motif. It can look good in classic double vanity designs, as well as Zen bathroom designs.

This product features high-quality glass with 304 stainless steel. This type of steel is commonly used for food preparation, so you can rest assured that it won’t do anything to your shampoo or soap’s quality.

It also comes with a blank wooden tag with twine lashings. You can ask the company to customize the tag based on your preferred content.

Zccz Toothbrush Holder

This marble design resin toothbrush holder is also great for organizing your dental necessities. It has six storage compartments to hold your and your partner’s toothbrush, electric toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, and razor.

Each compartment also has a drain hole to help keep your toothbrush dry. Its pattern design is also perfect for classic and even post-modern motifs.

6. Add Some Plants

Adding indoor plants is a sure way to brighten and bring life to almost any room. In fact, studies suggest that indoor plants can lower your stress levels while also improving the overall quality of your room’s air.

Adding plants also improves the overall aesthetic of your double vanity. Their versatility also allows them to fit almost all motifs.

However, you should know which plants can survive in your bathroom. For example, succulents typically require lots of sunlight to remain healthy, so make sure to put them near an open window where the sun can shine.

Some plants don’t do well in humid environments since they usually foster harmful mildew and rot growth.

If you don’t like to worry about taking care of your plant but still like its added aesthetics, you can always opt for artificial plants. Manufacturers nowadays can make hyper realistic artificial plants that look like the real deal.

You should also look for pots that match your chosen designs. Earthen pots with natural lacquer are great with Zen motifs, while pots with metallic finish work well with futuristic or modern designs.

Best Artificial Indoor Plants for Your Double Vanity

To help you choose which artificial indoor plants looks best, I’ve compiled some recommendations from

Whonline 2 pcs Small Fake Plants

This particular artificial potted plant works best with minimalist motifs. Their white pots and vibrant leaves provide a nice contrast to their environment.

Each package gives you two artificial potted plants for your counter: one aloe and one boxwood. The plants and pots are made of high-quality polyethylene (PE) plastic that will maintain their colors for a long time.

MOTINI Small Artificial Succulent Plants

This artificial potted plant is for you if you like how succulents look but have no area with enough sunlight.

Their pots contain natural pebbles that exude a more natural and fresh look. On top of that, the succulents are also potted in a rectangular glass container, adding to the overall aesthetics.

One package contains three sets of different succulents made of the same high-quality polyethylene plastic.

Der Rose 3 Pack Mini Potted Fake Plants

This artificial potted plant is for you if you’re into something with a more rustic look. Their faux eucalyptus appearance gives off a more casual look that won’t clash with your overall design too much.

However, the pot itself is made of coated paper mache. Although it offers some water and moisture resistance, you should still be careful not to spill water on it.

Each package contains three artificial plants.

7. Fix Your Vanity Lighting

Finally, your lighting serves as your double vanity setup’s cherry on top. Although there’s nothing wrong with making do with your existing bathroom light, adding additional light sources does make it easier for you to see details on your makeup or regular grooming sessions.

Moreover, an excellent lighting system adds to the overall feel of your double vanity, which can brighten your mood more.

Best Vanity Lighting

I recommend these lighting setups from, depending on your chosen motif:

Ralbay LED Modern Vanity Lights Fixtures

This vanity light setup works best for modern motifs with its rectangular and metallic design. It features six LED lights that can last up to 50,000 hours and save 80% more energy than incandescent bulbs.

It’s also easily installed as it uses the standard back installation plate. You also won’t have to worry about the product’s wirings since they’re already pre-programmed to work upon integrating them with your electric box.

MAXvolador 3-Light Vanity Light Fixture

This vanity light setup is for industrial-themed double vanities. Its incandescent bulbs can remind you of the warm glow of retro bulbs. However, you can still change the bulbs to achieve cooler colors if you don’t like the warmness of the old-fashioned bulbs.

Depending on your preference, you can also adjust the sconces to an upward or downward position.

Note that you’ll have to buy the bulbs separately when you get this product.

HRXBSE 3-Light Bathroom Light Fixtures

This vanity light is for you if you’ve chosen a classic motif. Its elegant curved metal design is reminiscent of European-styled decorations. This product also has a black and silver variant which looks lovely on gothic designs.

Like the product above, this light fixture doesn’t come with bulbs, allowing you to customize your preferred color temperature.


Customizing your double vanity can make a significant difference in your daily routine, especially since you’ll spend most mornings facing the mirror. A well-designed double vanity can brighten your mood and help you start the day with the right morning attitude.

Here are some things to consider when accessorizing your double vanity:

  • Start by picking and focusing on a motif.
  • Try patterned tiles for the background.
  • Use accessories with colors and elements that complement your motif.
  • Customize your cabinets with a suitable material or color.
  • Beautify your bottles and containers.
  • Add some plants, natural or artificial.
  • Fix your lighting.


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