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Are Stone Fireplaces Considered Outdated?

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A fireplace facilitates indoor heating during the cold season. It is, therefore, one of the vital installations home buyers want when looking for a house. Once installed, the fireplace becomes the focal point of the living room, requiring frequent maintenance to stay in top shape.

Stone fireplaces aren’t considered outdated. They remain the preferred option and are considered timeless. Unlike other materials, natural stone is durable and retains heat for a long time. Moreover, stone blends well with many colors and décor styles when used on the fireplace.

This article will teach you unique ways to revamp your old stone fireplace. You’ll also discover little-known facts about fireplaces, including reasons a stone fireplace is the best option.

How To Make a Stone Fireplace Look Modern

Nothing beats the comfort of sitting in front of the fireplace on a cold winter night. However, after many years of use, the fireplace may wear out, leading to the peeling of the once attractive outer paint.

If you have an old fireplace, the good news is that you can revamp it to achieve the much-desired new look. Although the makeover may require substantial financial input, it is worth doing if you want to boost its interior aesthetic appeal.

Below are five simple ways to give your fireplace a modern look:

1. Painting the Fireplace

Painting is the easiest and most cost-friendly option for revamping an outdated fireplace. The method works well on an old stone fireplace by easily concealing the damaged parts using paint.

When painting the fireplace, the following techniques may come in handy:

  • Farmhouse look: Apply a lighter coat of paint over the stone surface for a farmhouse look. The stone’s original color will appear as a faint pigment below the paint.
  • Opaque coverage: You can give the stone fireplace an opaque appearance using different colors and coats of diluted paint.
  • Bold modern look: You can create a bold appearance using a full coverage of fresh paint. To create an appealing contrast between different surfaces, apply different coats of dark-colored paint on the fireplace.
2. Upgrading to the Gas System

Another way to revamp the look of your fireplace is upgrading from a wood-burning furnace to a gas fireplace. Unlike a wood-burning fireplace, the gas type is more efficient and easier to operate. Moreover, it requires little cleaning up after use because you don’t need to collect the remaining wood or ash.

3. Installing a New Mantel

You can modernize your stone fireplace by installing a new mantel. This option works well if the tiles surrounding the fireplace are all intact.

The mantel serves two main purposes. First, it is an essential architectural feature that revitalizes the appearance of the indoor space. Additionally, it doubles up as a functional shelf to display valuable items, such as jewelry.

When choosing a mantel, two options may work; a weathered beam or salvaged wood. The weathered beam shelf is handy if you want a rustic look, while salvaged wood will give your fireplace an antique design.

4. Installing Glass Doors

An open fire may be the best remedy against a chilly night, but it may be disastrous if left unattended. In the worst case, there could be an accidental fire outbreak, or the raging flames could burn your pet.

The safest way to leave an open fire unattended is to seal the opening with glass doors. Besides creating a safety barrier, the glass fittings boost the aesthetic appeal of your fireplace.

Luckily, modern fireplace glass doors are designed in standard sizes that fit perfectly on the flat opening above the fireplace.

5. Upgrading the Insert

Fireplaces usually warm up the indoor space, yet they’re also the silent air gaps through which significant heat is lost to the outside surroundings. It is advisable to install a fireplace insert if you’re keen on saving energy. Besides saving energy, the insert improves the performance of the stone fireplace and gives it an updated look.

6. Adding the Relevant Accessories

Adding accessories around the open space is one final way to upgrade your fireplace. For instance, a fireplace tool set complements the open space and improves the fire-making experience.

Similarly, you can hang some lovely artwork or mirror over the fireplace to boost its outward appearance. Other antique artwork, a candlestick, an indoor plant, or decoration items will also help revamp the fireplace.

Benefits of Using Stone for Fireplace Surround

When choosing a suitable material for a fireplace surround, you may use marble, brick, or natural stone. It all depends on your budget and style preferences.

However, stone stands out as the preferred material for most homeowners because it gives a modern look with excellent returns on your investment.

Natural stone also guarantees the following incredible benefits:


Stone fireplaces have a reputation for durability and strength. Typically, a well-installed stone surround will stay intact for the time the property remains active. Besides periodic maintenance, installing a stone fireplace also means saying goodbye to scratches and chips on the fireplace surround.

Heat Retention

A stone surround is the best choice for heat retention. Unlike brick or granite, natural stone retains heat very well, keeping the house warmer for a longer time. The heated stone continues disseminating warmth long after the fire has gone off.

Timeless Appeal

A stone fireplace guarantees a timeless appeal if you choose the right design. Natural stone works well with any style, whether it’s modern or more traditional-looking.

Besides, stone fireplaces can be very versatile. There’s a unique design for every style and preference.

Added Home Value

A fireplace is a permanent installation that counts when estimating the value of your home. It is no wonder most home buyers check on it before buying a house.

With that in mind, using high-quality stone will go a long way to complement the indoor style of the house. Eventually, when selling the home, you can negotiate a better price with the prospective buyer.

Final Thoughts

A fireplace is vital in regulating indoor air temperature during the cold season. However, this critical installation will wear out over time and eventually call for a revamp.

And if you’re looking for suitable material for your new fireplace, natural stone remains a timeless option because it is durable, appealing, retains heat, and complements most décor styles.


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