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Do You Need a Coffee Table in Your Living Room?

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When you’re decorating certain areas of your home, there are essential components that each room should have to maintain a level of function and comfort. If you live in a smaller space, you may have to sacrifice certain elements to save space. If you are living in a small space, should you still have a coffee table? 

Every living room should have a coffee table, even in a small space. It’s important to prioritize function over form. Coffee tables are a quality staple in any living room, allowing you to hold your drinks, magazines, remote, and any other decor you may want to bring the room together. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing why every living room, no matter the size needs a coffee table. We’ll also take a look at what type of coffee table is ideal for a smaller living room. If you’re interested in learning more, keep on reading.

Function Over Form  

A coffee table is one of the most important pieces of furniture aside from your seating. Having a proper coffee table enables you to be comfortable in your space, no matter how small, while also allowing you to host guests properly. 

While you may be thinking that you’re freeing up space for more important pieces of furniture if you skip out on having a coffee table, you’ll be missing out on a necessity that you won’t realize how much you need until it’s gone. 

Before you ditch the coffee table altogether, ask yourself these questions:

  • When you’re hosting friends comfortably for a get-together or a movie night, where will you serve your refreshments and drinks? 
  • Where will you keep your TV remote to avoid misplacing it? 
  • Where will you place certain pieces of decor to really tie the room together? 

These are some of the most important reasons why every living room, no matter how large or small, should have some sort of coffee table to keep you and your guests comfortable. As stated earlier, even if you have a smaller living room, that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on owning a coffee table altogether.

What to Consider When Adding a Coffee Table in Your Living Room

If you plan on adding a coffee table to a smaller space, there are few key components you should be aware of beforehand so you can invest in the best coffee table for you. 


If incorporating a coffee table into a smaller living room, you’ll need to be mindful of the size of your coffee table, as well as the size of your space. You’ll also want to consider the size of your sofa or seating area that will sit directly in front of your coffee table. 


Remembering these components will allow you to save space in a living room that already offers a limited amount while also keeping you as comfortable as possible.

It’s recommended that your coffee table be ⅔ the width of your sofa, giving you plenty of access to walk around your coffee table and sofa comfortably without feeling closed-in.

Front Part of Your Sofa 

It’s important to consider the length of your sofa and how much space you’ll be needing between your table and your seating area to maneuver around these elements with ease. 

It’s clear to see how taking the time to measure out both the length and the width of both these pieces of furniture will keep you comfortable and happy in any living space, no matter the size. 


Another component you’ll want to take into consideration is the height of your coffee table. When choosing the correct kind of coffee table for your small living space, it’s ideal for picking one that sits a few inches below your sofa.

If you prefer to have your coffee table sit right at your sofa’s seat height, that’s highly recommended as well. It generally depends on your comfort level and what you prefer in terms of practicality and aesthetics. 


You’ll also have to factor in the distance between your coffee table and your seating area, as well as how much space you’ll have around you once you place these items in their desired location. 

It’s recommended that you keep your coffee table about 12-18 inches away from your main seating area to give yourself enough space to move around and be comfortable. Having your coffee table seated any closer than that will ensure that you’ll end up stubbing your toe and feeling too closed-in.

If you end up placing your coffee table any farther away than that, it will be too far away to be able to comfortably sit down on your materials or put your feet up. Remembering all these components will ensure that not only do you pick the correct coffee table for your space, but you know exactly how to organize your furniture to keep your space in top-notch condition. 


The last component you’ll want to be mindful of when choosing the best coffee table for you and your small space is the shape. If you choose to add a coffee table to a small living room, a small-scale square or rectangle-shaped one is recommended. 

A round-shaped coffee table works as well if you feel more comfortable walking around this kind of shape than a larger, square-shaped one. Round shaped coffee tables are also recommended if you already have square and rectangle-shaped furniture. 

Adding various shapes and sizes in your living room adds a nice balance in your space that you and your guests will find very visually pleasing. Taking the time to remember all these factors will ensure that you save on space while also getting to keep your coffee table. 

Your Coffee Table Ties the Room Together 

Not only is your coffee table a practical and important piece of furniture, but it also ties the whole room together, as it usually sits right in the middle of your living room.

Whether you plan on using your coffee table for, whether it’s books and decor, or your favorite beverage and your TV remote, having a decently sized coffee table in your living room will have many benefits.   

If you are still unsure as to whether having a traditional coffee table is right for you, many choose to use an ottoman or a smaller side table as a working coffee table. This will not only save you space, but it’s a visually pleasing alternative to have a larger and clunky coffee table in your small living room. 

Hopefully, no matter what you prefer, now you have all the information you need to pick the right coffee table for you and your space. It’s clear to see that there are many components involved in picking the proper coffee table for you and your space.

For you and your future guests to be comfortable, you’ll want to include a coffee table in your space that holds all your essentials, such as your beverages, reading materials, and TV remote. 

If you’re looking for a key piece of furniture that will tie the whole room together, you’ll want to find a coffee table that not only fits your space properly but makes your life easier as well. 


In this article, we discussed whether every living room should have a coffee table, including a smaller living room. While this is a topic with many different viewpoints, it’s recommended that every living room have a coffee table.

We went over exactly what you should consider before you invest in a coffee table, such as the length, height, and depth of your coffee table. It’s also important to prioritize function over form, seeing how coffee tables are a must-have staple piece of furniture that allows you and your guests to be as comfortable as possible. 


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