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How To Hide Indoor and Outdoor TV Antennas

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TV antennas are still a valid way to catch HD channels for free. Both indoor and outdoor antennas are affordable but not the prettiest to look at, so how can you hide them?

To hide indoor TV antennas, place them behind a painting. If you have a TV stand, mount a floating shelf behind the TV that the antenna can sit on. Outdoor antennas can be housed in a lattice-work box or garden structure. You can also place your antenna in a plant, indoors or out, to disguise it.

If you want to add a TV antenna to your media collection but want the gadget to blend in with your decor, continue reading. I’ll discuss the simplest ways to hide your indoor and outdoor TV antennas.

Modern TV Antennas

Modern TV antennas are much sleeker than the “rabbit ears” of the 1950s, but they aren’t exactly works of art. Nowadays, TV antennas are often a flat, black pad that sits flush with the wall. They look like a wall-mounted tablet, but they don’t light up.

These TV antennas are easy to tie into your decor scheme, while outdoor TV antennas are a little more challenging. Outdoor units are much larger and tend to have many metal parts that catch the light, making the gadget stick out. These are harder to hide because of their size, but it is still possible.

How To Hide Flat Indoor TV Antennas

If your TV antenna is a flat black pad, like the U Must Have TV Antenna, then there are many ways you can hide this device in your home.

Hang a Painting Over the Pad

One of the simplest ways to hide your TV antenna is by hanging a painting over top of it. You can mount the TV antenna first and then hang a nail far enough above the antenna that the painting’s frame won’t hit it. 

Also, be sure to select a painting with a deep enough frame that the antenna won’t push the art out from the wall. The thick frame of this Artistic Path Abstract Picture Canvas Wall Art is perfect for hiding indoor TV antennas.

Run the Cord Inside the Wall

Whether you decide to hang a painting over the antenna or not, running the cord behind the drywall will help disguise the antenna you are trying to hide.

Paint the Antenna the Same Color As Your Wall

If you want to minimize the number of things you need to hang on your wall, simply painting the indoor TV antenna will immediately make it blend in more, and it won’t interfere with the signal.

Mount the Antenna Behind Your TV

Whether you have a wall-mounted flat-screen or a standing television, you can easily hide the antenna pad by mounting it directly behind the TV. Wall-mounted televisions usually have a few inches of room behind the back of the unit and the wall, and the indoor antennas are slim enough to fit there.

Build a Decorative Cabinet Around the Pad

If you want a more custom piece to hide your antenna, then you can build a decorative wooden cabinet around the gadget. This can be a cabinet with wooden doors that open just like a regular cabinet. It can be small enough to only house the antenna, or you can make it larger to hide other electronics.

How To Hide Standing Indoor TV Antennas

If you have a more traditional standing antenna, there are many ways to hide these as well.

Place the Antenna in a Plant

Since you can easily move your standing antenna around, hiding it in a lush plant is a great way to disguise it. This plant just needs to be near enough to your TV that the cords can still be plugged in, but other than that, you can choose any plant that you like. If you aren’t a plant person, you can always place the antenna directly into a decorative pot or vase and place that near to your TV.

Mount a Floating Shelf Directly Behind Your TV

If your TV is sitting on a television stand, you will have a room behind it to mount a floating shelf. You don’t need a large shelf either; just a small 15-inch shelf will do, like this Floating Wall Shelf from Vasagle. 

Place the Antenna in a Decorative Basket

Depending on your decor, a small wicker basket could be the perfect solution for hiding your indoor TV antenna. A wicker basket fits in well with the traditional, cottage, and rustic decor styles.

Place It in a Wooden Cabinet

You can place the free-standing antenna in a wooden cabinet that you have near your television; whether you have a floor-standing cabinet or a wall-mounted unit, your TV antenna can sit on one of the shelves, hiding behind a door.

Cut the Paper Out of an Attractive Book

A historic hiding place for precious goods, a hollowed-out book can also hide your TV antenna. Choose a thick enough book that can hide the TV antenna and select an attractive book you’d like to look at every day.

How To Hide Outdoor TV Antennas

When it comes to hiding outdoor TV antennas, you’d have to think on a slightly larger scale, as these antennas tend to be larger.

Place It Behind a Decorative Fence

If your outdoor antenna is a wall-mounted unit, you can build a decorative fence along the wall to hide the antenna. You can place the fence farther away from the wall for a larger antenna to leave more room for the device.

Build a Garden Structure Around It

Many garden accessories can work to hide your outdoor TV antenna. Whether you use a hanging basket, a small garden house, or a pallet planter, you can use some sort of garden fixture to hide your antenna.

Hide It With Lattice-Work

Lattice fencing is a versatile structure that can be used in many locations outdoors. You can even purchase circular fences that can be placed directly around the antenna. This Master Garden Circular Lattice Fence can easily slip over an outdoor antenna and provide a subtle disguise for your unit.

Place It Behind Hanging Vines

Some outdoor antennas work best mounted high on an exterior wall. If you have mounted your antenna below the eaves of your roof, you can hide the device behind a curtain of hanging vines extending off the roof. If you don’t want to care for living vines or moss, you can always choose fake vines that will stay exactly as you want them to.

Put It in a Beautiful Birdhouse

A large decorative birdhouse is an elegant storage solution for your outdoor TV antenna. You can choose whichever birdhouse you like and mount it in the location to give you the best signal for your TV. Choosing a birdhouse with a removable roof or a large door will make it easy to insert an antenna into the birdhouse.


TV antennas are a suitable, affordable way to watch television in your home. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor TV antenna, you don’t have to deal with the electronic eyesore every day. 

Wall-mounted indoor antennas can be hidden behind a painting or a mirror; standing indoor antennas can be placed in a cupboard or nestled in a plant. Outdoor antennas can be disguised with garden accessories, like lattice-work fences and birdhouses. A hanging basket or trailing vines can also be used to hide outdoor TV antennas easily.


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