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Do Door Hinges Need To Match the Knobs?

One of the many dilemmas people face when building or renovating their homes is deciding whether to pair their door knobs with matching hinges or not. With so many styles and finishes of door hardware to choose from, the decision to mix or match can be daunting.

Door hinges don’t necessarily need to match the knobs. However, the pairing of knobs and hinges can significantly affect the look of your home, the expenses involved in installation and maintenance, and even the resale value of your property, so choose carefully.

This article will cover the most critical factors you need to consider when pairing door knobs with hinges. It’ll also describe a few exceptional circumstances when mixing different door hardware styles might be a good idea. Finally, it’ll go over some of the ways you can effectively pair mismatched knobs and hinges or minimize visible contrasts in their appearance.

How Door Hardware Affects the Esthetics of Your Home  

The way you choose to pair door hinges and knobs can have a visible effect on the appearance of your home.

While noticeably mismatched hinges and knobs can be an eyesore, even a well-matched pair will only work if their style complements the particular door they’ll fit. Shiny chrome hinges may not complement an antique wooden door, just as a wrought iron doorknob might not pair well with a frosted glass door.

Similarly, having one set of doors fitted with a perfectly paired set of door hinges and knobs is insufficient. For a cohesive style across all the rooms of your house, consistency in the selection of decor is critical. For instance, brightly colored or overly ornate door hardware can clash violently with the low-key minimal surfaces of the remainder of a house.

Practical Considerations in Pairing Door Knobs and Hinges

If you aren’t concerned with having well-matched fixtures for esthetic reasons alone, there are still some practical considerations to keep in mind.

Selling Your House

If you have to put your house up for sale sometime in the future, poorly matched hinges and knobs might make your property less attractive in the eyes of prospective homebuyers. Alternately, picky buyers might deduct the additional cost of updating fixtures when making you an offer.

Installation and Maintenance Costs

As you’ll need to install several hinges and knobs throughout your house, their selection can significantly affect your expenses. By facilitating buying in bulk, using identical sets of matching door hinges and knobs for every single door in the house can reduce your installation costs.

Take care not to pick too cheap hardware, as they can cost you more in maintenance over the long term.

When To Mix Different Styles

If you prefer an eclectic style of decor that mixes multiple themes throughout your home, you may want to pick knobs and hinges that satisfy your particular aesthetic criteria. In this case, you already have a good idea of what you are going for and are likely comfortable with the practical considerations involved.

You might also choose a hinge or knob that doesn’t pair the best for specific functional reasons. For instance, a knob on a bathroom door might need to be more resistant to humidity. Alternatively, you might pick a specialty item such as a spring hinge for a door that you want to stay closed most of the time.

Finally, you might choose to pick less expensive hardware for the less visibly prominent or frequently used surfaces in your home. Once again, be careful not to pick a poor quality item, as they can cost you more in maintenance and replacement over the long term.

Ideas for Working With Different Styles of Hinges and Knobs

If you have to mix different door hinges and knobs for any reason, a few simple workarounds can make your selection more manageable and your house more aesthetically pleasing.

Pick Styles That Complement Each Other

All the components of a house’s decor need not strictly follow one theme. You can pair an industrial wooden door with an antique brass doorknob or a sleek metallic one. Different rooms or floors of your home can have styles of their own. If you aren’t confident of selecting among assorted design elements on your own, you can always consult a designer or a magazine for help.

Use a Minimal Style of Hinge

Hinges with a minimal profile are an excellent way to minimize any differences in style between your doorknobs and hinges. Some hinge styles recede completely and are invisible once the door is closed.

For a great chrome finish hinge that’ll stay hidden behind a closed door, consider this SOSS Invisible Hinge Model on

Paint To Match

If you’re stuck with mismatched hinges and knobs because of practical limitations, you can paint either a knob to match a hinge or a hinge to match a knob or both.

When painting knobs or hinges, be sure to consider the specific paint you will need. Regular acrylic or wall paints tend to chip when used on metallic surfaces. Similarly, using a paintbrush for applying the paint can reveal a visibly uneven coat on the surface. Specialized spray paints are your best bet in this case.

Be sure to consider both the color and the finish of your paint. Do you want your knob or hinge to look glossy or matte? There are specific paints for a wide range of finishes.

If you’re in the market for a paint that works across multiple surfaces, I can recommend this Rust-Oleum High-Performance Enamel Spray Paint from It has a flat finish and works on both metal and wood.

Final Thoughts

Choosing fixtures for your home is a highly subjective choice based mainly on individual esthetic preferences. However, there are many reasons why picking matching hardware for your doors is a good idea. It would be best to either make consistent decisions across your home or find a mix of styles that balances well. Alternatively, you can touch up specific pieces of door hardware to match better.


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