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Can You Use Wood Crown Molding in a Shower?

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Most people are familiar with molding. It’s the trim that is often used around ceilings, doors, and windows. Molding is great for adding some beauty to the interior design of your home. Crown molding which is installed where the ceiling meets the top of the wall is particularly stunning and gives any room a uniquely elegant look. With many different designs, it’s easy to find a crown molding trim to suit the theme of your home.

Perhaps you’re thinking about adding crown molding to your bathroom but, can wood crown molding be used in a shower? The short answer is, no – you can’t use wood crown molding in a shower. Wood is not moisture resistant and so will gradually become moldy and rotten due to humidity from the shower. However, there are some other options. You need to choose a molding that is moisture resistant to avoid the possibility of it rotting or becoming spoiled by water splashes or moisture in the air.

This article will provide you with everything you need to know when it comes to installing crown molding in your bathroom. We’ll explore examples of the types of crown molding that can be used in a bathroom as an alternative to wood and the benefits of installing crown molding in your home.

What is Crown Molding?

Crown Molding is a decorative trim that is installed between the ceiling and the top of the wall. Molding is usually made from wood or plaster, however, there are some other materials that it can be made from, including some that are water-resistant.

Most homes will usually have baseboard molding or molding around windows and doors but not every home has crown molding between the ceiling and the top of the wall. Crown molding can add something a little extra to a typical room.

Crown molding was originally installed for practical reasons to cover up cracks and gaps where different pieces of building material join together. More recently though, it is added as more of a decorative feature. It is used to make your ceilings look higher and it adds an elegant touch to any room that it is installed in. It’s also still great for covering up cracks and irregularities in the paintwork and where the ceiling meets the wall.

Some Information About Water Resistant Crown Molding

Bathrooms can really benefit from crown molding as it adds a beautiful elegant look to the décor. It can be painted to match the colors in your bathroom and can be used in different layers or designs to create a unique and ambient look. There are many different types of crown molding but the best type of crown molding to install in your bathroom is moisture-resistant crown molding. This is the best option to avoid getting spoiled or rotten fixtures from the water and humidity that is present in bathrooms.

Moisture resistant crown molding is usually made from polyurethane foam. This material allows you to add a professional-looking crown molding that is durable and more resistant to moisture and corrosion than other materials. These moisture-resistant types of crown moldings are the best for installing in bathrooms and other places that may be frequently wet or humid.

Moisture resistant crown molding is usually made up of materials that aren’t quite as sturdy as wood, however, they still do the job they’re supposed to do. The most important thing when choosing a crown molding for a bathroom is that it can withstand moisture, which wood simply can’t do. This is why it’s essential that you choose a moisture-resistant type of crown molding if you are planning to install it in the bathroom – especially in the shower.

The material of moisture-resistant crown molding is lightweight and very easy to handle, making it much easier to install than wood crown molding. Due to this ease, it’s entirely possible to install crown molding in your bathroom in a single afternoon.

Benefits of Using Crown Molding

There are a number of benefits to installing crown molding. The following list highlights some of the main benefits of adding crown molding to your home:

  • It increases the value of your home – Crown molding is a great way to finish off a room and it gives it a unique classy look. This stylish elegance can add value to your home. You should choose a crown molding that matches the theme of your home for the best results. Moisture resistant crown molding is fairly low in cost in comparison to wood crown molding and so this can work out to be a great return on investment.
  • It covers cracks where the wall meets the ceiling – This is more common in older homes, however, cracks can appear in any home over time. Crown molding is a great cost-effective option for eliminating the look of cracks.
  • It eliminates ceiling and wall irregularities – As crown molding is installed between the top of the wall and the ceiling, you can cover up any inconsistencies. The flexibility of crown molding means that you can bend the material slightly to completely cover the room if your ceiling is uneven. Crown molding also covers up irregularities in paint, giving your home a refined appearance.
  • It provides an elegant finish to the room – No matter what type of crown molding you choose to add to a room, it will enhance the space. Crown molding shows that you care for your home and displays great attention to detail. Impress your guests by finishing off a room with beautiful crown molding.
  • It comes in all different sizes to work with any room type, size, or shape – No matter what size or shape your room is, there is a crown molding to suit. If you have smaller rooms or lower ceilings, opt for a smaller width of crown molding so that it doesn’t overpower the room. With the right choice of trim, your crown molding won’t make the room look smaller.
  • It adds furnishing to high ceiling rooms – High ceilings can make a room feel much more open, however, sometimes all of the extra space can feel a bit blank. This is where crown molding comes in great. You can show off your elegant high ceilings by adding a beautiful crown molding to the finish of the room.
  • It comes in a range of different styles to suit any home – No matter what your taste, there is sure to be a crown molding out there to match it. Crown molding is great for adding a bit of your personality to each of the rooms in your home.

Can You Use Wood Crown Molding in a Shower? – Final Thoughts

As highlighted in this article, it’s not a good idea to opt for wood crown molding in a shower. Over time the wood will eventually become rotten and moldy and will start to break. It’s a much better idea to choose a moisture-resistant crown molding for your bathroom as this will prevent any possibilities of it becoming spoiled over time.

Crown molding in any room can be a beautiful addition but can be particularly stunning in a bathroom as it is rarer to see crown molding in a bathroom. If you are looking to add a unique and elegant flair to your bathroom then crown molding is definitely the way to go.

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