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4 Unique Ways to Decorate a Bathroom Counter

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A household bathroom usually takes on one of two personalities – it can be cold, rigid, and sterile, and it can also be inviting, warm, and relaxing. Of course, the latter is preferable, especially if it is a bathroom that guests access when they come over for a visit. Like any other room, whether it is for yourself or your guests, you want to create an atmosphere you love.

A unique way to decorate a bathroom counter is finding unique pieces made from materials that stand out, like mirrored glass, real wood, various metals, concrete, and even mosaic glass. You can make your bathroom more inviting by changing the counter accessories without hiring an interior designer.

In this article, we’ll share tips on how to keep your bathroom counter clutter-free. Once that daunting task is out of the way, we’ll share four unique ways to decorate a bathroom counter. Whether your bathroom is contemporary, rustic, mission-style, or industrial, you should read on to find some inspiration for giving it a brand new look.

Things You Shouldn’t Keep On Your Bathroom Counter

The main culprit for cluttering a bathroom counter is usually beauty care and cosmetic items. These items could include cosmetics, makeup brushes, hair styling products, hairbrushes, perfume, and various other things you use daily.

You may also store nail polish or jewelry in the bathroom, but we don’t recommend it because you should keep those items in a cool, dry place so that the nail polish doesn’t get thick and any costume jewelry you have doesn’t tarnish.

If there are some items you don’t wish to hide away, then you could add some storage on your bathroom walls.

For example, this BeSuerte Rustic Hanging Wall Mount Mason Jar Wall Holder is perfect for storing makeup brushes, mascara, lip gloss, cotton swabs, cotton balls, and toothbrushes/toothpaste. This extremely highly-rated product comes in two sizes. The larger size has hooks along the bottom to hang your bathrobe, a hand mirror, or a change of clothing.

How to Hide Bathroom Clutter

Between toiletries and cleaning products, there is so much clutter that has to fit in your bathroom. There’s even more if you have children.

Here are three easy ways to hide bathroom clutter. Whether you have a little or a lot, one of these ideas should work for you. You can undoubtedly adapt these ideas to fit the master bath, a guest bathroom, or the children’s bathroom.

Keep Cosmetics in a Portable Organizer

Although many tabletop cosmetic organizers are available, it would be best not to display your cosmetics on your bathroom counter to minimize the clutter.

Like the Joligrace Makeup Train Case stored under the bathroom counter, a portable top-handle organizer would work well. You can easily pull the case out and put it away when needed, plus it keeps your makeup stash neatly organized. This top-rated aluminum train case comes in a pretty rose gold color.

Add a Decorative Medicine Cabinet

There are all sorts of wall cabinets with doors that you can use to add hidden storage to your bathroom walls.

Find something decorative and useful, like this Fox Hollow Furnishings Picture Perfect Medicine Cabinet. This unique cabinet comes in six finishes and has three adjustable wooden shelves. The front can house your favorite photo or art print to give your bathroom a personal touch. It can also hold a mirror, which comes in handy if you have to share mirror time.

Add Hidden Built-In or Freestanding Storage Shelves

Shelving provides much-needed storage in a small amount of space. It’s rare to find built-in shelves in a bathroom. If you aren’t so lucky, then adding a tall freestanding bookcase will likely provide you with all the storage space you need.

A basic bookcase will do because you will be hiding it. Look for a bookcase with a depth that fits your room correctly. Adjustable shelves would be ideal, so you can store anything from paper towels to bar soap.

Hanging curtains over open shelves is an easy way to hide your clutter. You could use the same curtain as you use for your shower to make sure the bookcase blends in well. The ruffled Volens White Shower Curtain would work well for this purpose.

Get one for your shower and one to hide your shelves. The ruffles make it easy for you to shorten the curtain if needed because you can trim off one or two layers of ruffles without an unfinished edge showing.

Chrome and Mirrors Contemporary Bathroom Counter Decor

If you want a contemporary look, you can add some sleek items with metallic finishes to your bathroom counter. This style would work best in bathrooms with chrome faucets and light fixtures.

Watch this video for some inspiration on how to use chrome and mirrors alongside white and light gray shades to decorate a bathroom counter:

Below are some examples of things you can use to create a unique contemporary look similar to the one seen in the video example. There are so many polished chrome and mirrored decor items on the market. If you don’t find something you love, keep looking.

Remember that these ideas are for inspiration, and you are encouraged to add your special touches to make them your own.

Qmdecor Rectangle Silver Mirror Decorative Tray

The Qmdecor Rectangle Silver Mirror Decorative Tray is a sleek and unique piece. Rather than having only the bottom of the tray mirrored, mirrors on all sides makes for a more visually exciting decor choice.

This tray holds quite a lot due to its large 11 x 14 x 2 in (27.9 x 35.6 x 5.1 cm) size. Be sure to measure your space before choosing a tray for your bathroom counter. One that’s too big will make your counter look overcrowded.

Howard Elliott 99013 Rounded Mirrored Vase

Although it has some curves, the Howard Elliott 99013 Rounded Mirrored Vase is undeniably sleek. Based on customer feedback of 4.9 out of 5 possible stars, this 20 in (50.8 cm) tall vase is stunning and would make a beautiful addition to your space.

Some versatile artificial floral stems you could use with this vase are eucalyptus, jasmine, or orchids. Choose just one to maintain the sleek contemporary feel.

mDesign Plastic Bathroom Vanity Countertop Accessory Set

For storing your cotton swabs, cotton balls, and liquid hand soap, pick up something like the mDesign Plastic Bathroom Vanity Countertop Accessory Set. If you would rather not see each container’s contents, then there are plenty of polished chrome options out there.

We recommend not storing your toothbrush out in the open. Use the toothbrush holder for small stems of artificial greenery instead.

SWAROVSKI Small Tea Light Holders

Place one to three SWAROVSKI Small Tea Light Holders around your bathroom counter to create a relaxing atmosphere. You could put one in your mirrored tray and one or two strategically placed next to the other mirrored pieces you’ve selected.

The play of the light against the polished chrome and mirrors will create a fantastic effect. Dim the lights and light these candles before sinking into a soothing bubble bath.

Wrought Iron and Wood Rustic Bathroom Counter Decor

Rustic decor usually means warm, natural colors and real, untreated, or minimally treated wood. A rustic bathroom counter contains pieces inspired by lake houses, mountain retreats, ski cabins, and farmhouses, not just log cabins.

You can incorporate these items into your room in a stylish way to bring accents from nature and the great outdoors inside. Check out some of our favorite rustic accessories below.

Creative Co-Op Distressed Brown Wood Metal Handle Two-Tier Tray

This tray takes storage to a new level. It resembles something you might stumble across at an antique shop. A multi-tiered tray is perfect for a bathroom counter that has limited space.

This extremely highly-rated piece stands 18.5 in (47 cm) tall and comes in a distressed white and black, in addition to the brown, making it a good fit for most rustic style bathrooms.

Stone & Beam Rustic Farmhouse Jug Table Lamp

Include a rustic lamp, like this Stone & Beam Rustic Farmhouse Jug Table Lamp, on your bathroom counter if you have sufficient space. Use a soft, warm white bulb in this lamp to create an inviting, cozy atmosphere.

If you have his-and-her sinks, you could put it in between or tuck it away in the corner. This lamp sits 20 in (50.8 cm) high, and Stone & Beam offers it in both a black or a pewter base.

AOZITA Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories

The AOZITA Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories would go perfect with other wrought iron accents. The black stainless steel mason jar covers are simple but functional. Little twine bows add a touch of charm.

Bring some of the outdoors inside by placing artificial sprigs of seasonal flowers in the toothbrush holder. Try baby’s breath for springtime, daisies for summer, colorful leaves for fall, and twigs of red berries for winter.

MyGift 4-Bottle Countertop Rustic Brown Wood Wine Rack

Repurpose this MyGift 4-Bottle Countertop Rustic Brown Wood Wine Rack into a towel holder. A 4-bottle tabletop wine rack is perfect for holding four rolled towels. MyGift offers this wine rack in a rustic brown and a whitewashed finish.

You will not be able to rotate this wine rack to be taller than it is wide. Be sure to remeasure your space before deciding to get this wine rack turned towel holder for your bathroom counter.

Mosaic Glass and Bronze Mission-Style Bathroom Counter Decor

Mission style is usually known for dark-stained, sturdy, oak furniture. You will also see lots of woodgrains and slats. Although it may seem that mission style overlaps with rustic, you are less likely to find distressed, untreated wood with mission-style pieces. Instead, you will discover nicely finished, high-quality furnishings.

If you have at least some dark wood in your bathroom, consider items like those below for your bathroom counter.

Sufandly Large Wooden Tray With Handles

Although the Sufandly Large Wooden Tray With Handles looks hefty, it is lightweight but sturdy. What makes this tray unique is the prominent grain and the rivets on the corners. You can often find rivets or nailheads on upholstered or leather furniture in the same room setting as mission-style pieces.

Sufandly offers this tray in three different sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your bathroom counter best.

mDesign Classic Bath Accessory Sets

Pick up two of these bronze mDesign Classic Bath Accessory Sets. Then, you’ll have enough pieces to house your liquid hand soap, hand lotion, cotton swabs, and cotton balls.

The canisters in this set are two-toned. The base is almost a dark copper and does a great job pulling multiple shades of brown from around your bathroom together. These pieces offer a clean look by hiding their contents.

Creative Scents Dublin Decorative Vase Set

Depending on the amount of space you have, you can use one or all three vases in this Creative Scents Dublin Decorative Vase Set. These vases are made of a durable polyresin but look like a cross between imported mosaic glass and rattan. Based on feedback from 714 customers, this unique set of vases has earned 4.8 out of 5 possible stars.

VP Home Mosaic Glass Fragrance Warmer

In place of a candle or a lamp, use this VP Home Mosaic Glass Fragrance Warmer instead. You’ll enjoy the best of both worlds because the 25-watt warming bulb gives off a soft light and the fragrance of your choice as the warmer heats the wax tarts (not included).

VP Home offers this mosaic glass tart warmer in nine styles, from neutral colors to brights, giving you many choices for the perfect stained glass piece.

Concrete and Metal Industrial Bathroom Counter Decor

Industrial style gets its inspiration from minimalistic living spaces that were once factories and such. The materials you’ll find in industrial home furnishings are weathered wood, iron and steel, and concrete.

Industrial is hot in the decor biz right now, so there is currently an abundance of industrial bathroom counter decor options. See some of our favorites below.

Creative Brands 47th & Main Rustic Serving Tray

This cast iron Creative Brands 47th & Main Rustic Serving Tray is the epitome of industrial style. It is strong yet minimalistic. This tray is extremely versatile and can hold anything from pillar candles to apothecary jars to rolled facecloths.

Feedback from customers who have purchased this tray has it at 4.8 out of 5 possible stars. Cast iron has a unique texture. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the tray’s care instructions.

Pocono Homeware Co. Premium Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories Set

The Pocono Homeware Co. Premium Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories Set is very old-worldly. These bathroom storage accessories come with charming self-adhesive labels to use on the mason jars and apothecary jars. The lids are black stainless steel, making these pieces a perfect fit to blend in with your industrial-style bathroom decor.

Kingbuy Hydroponic Desktop Glass Flower Pot Bulb Vase

Add a hint of green to your industrial decor with this Kingbuy Hydroponic Desktop Glass Flower Pot Bulb Vase. Although flowers are rare, you might find some simple low-light green plants in an industrial living space.

This bulb vase in a wood and metal stand is adorable. Kingbuy also offers this item in 2-bulb and 3-bulb vase styles. Because the rack is real wood, it appears that the wood tones may vary.

Sullivans Square Cement Vase

Like cast iron, cement has such an interesting texture, as seen in the Sullivans Square Cement Vase. This vase has a versatile soft grey color.

Sullivans offers cement vases in a variety of different squares and rectangles of various sizes. Depending on which one you choose, you could roll face cloths in them, insert a glass vase to grow a bamboo plant, or use them to house large pillar candles. The possibilities are endless.

Kate and Laurel Apothecary Wood Desk Drawer Set

Hide your bathroom counter clutter with this Kate and Laurel Apothecary Wood Desk Drawer Set. The label holder drawer pulls add a special old-world touch.

This charming set of six drawers is just slightly larger than a standard piece of paper. You could use it to store makeup remover pads, flossers, hair ties, magazines, and more. Kate and Laurel offer this unique item in three different finishes.

Haian Touch Table Lamp

Old-world style meets modern technology in this industrial style Haian Touch Table Lamp. Looking like something out of the Edison era, this wrought iron lamp is dimmable by merely tapping the base with your hand. You can toggle between four settings easily.

Standing at just 8.7 in (22 cm) tall, this lamp can be tucked into the corner or sat in a tray on your bathroom counter.

MyGift 3-Pillar Black Metal Candle Holder

This versatile MyGift 3-Pillar Black Metal Candle Holder can be revamped throughout the year to go with the current season. The pillar size is 3 in (7.6cm) in diameter. You can use different color pillar candles to go with the contents of the wooden tray.

Fill the tray with anything from scented pinecones and sprigs of red berries during the winter to sea glass and seashells throughout the summer months.

Final Thoughts

Coming up with a unique way to decorate your bathroom counter starts with choosing a style. Some of it depends on your bathroom’s current decor, which can be changed. It’s not difficult to change your shower curtain hardware, drawer knobs, and outlet covers.

Once you’ve selected a style, look for inspiration in online articles like this and images on Instagram and Pinterest. When inspiration strikes, choose items you love in materials that speak to you personally.


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