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Should a Garage Door Have Windows?

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Upgrading your garage door may seem straightforward, but there’s actually a lot more to it than just replacing it with a better one. Aside from the material, color, and mechanism, you may also want to consider installing windows on it. But, what are the things that you can expect from it, and should your garage door really have windows?

You should consider a garage door with windows because it provides the area with the right amount of natural light. It also improves your house’s aesthetics and gives you better customizability instead of a bland, solid panel. However, you also need to look at the cons before looking for options.

Stick around because we’ll go through the pros and cons of having windows on garage doors. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to weigh in and decide for yourself whether it’ll really be beneficial for you to have a garage door with windows.

Pros and Cons of Garage Doors With Windows

You may have noticed it already: even experts can’t agree on whether your garage door should have windows or not. Some would highly recommend it to their clients, while others flat out reject the idea of having windows on garage doors.

The reason behind it is because installing windows on your garage door will depend on several factors, including your neighborhood, weather, and door mechanism. Every homeowner has a unique situation that needs a unique solution, making it challenging to provide a definitive answer.

So, instead of suggesting a route that you should take with your garage door, this article will provide you with the most significant pros and cons that you can expect from it. Knowing these will make it easier for you to weigh in on your options and decide based on your unique situation.

Pros of Garage Doors With Windows

Upgrading your house could only mean one thing: you’re looking for ways to improve its aesthetics and functionality. But did you know that the easiest way to do this is to install windows on your garage door? There are several advantages to it, and below are some of the most significant ones.

Natural Light Saves Energy

There are several reasons why you should have natural light inside your house, so why not have it in your garage too? Natural light inside your garage means that you don’t have to stumble in the dark, and you don’t have to consume energy just to light up the area.

More and more homeowners are using natural light inside their houses because of the benefits that it can provide. Some would even spend thousands of dollars just to have more natural light inside their house. You don’t have to do this in your garage because it already has access to natural light; you just have to let it in by installing windows.

If you install windows on your garage door, you only need to use light for nighttime garage hunts, which rarely happens. This advantage, alone, can help you save money on your utilities, eventually paying for the cost of installation.

Better Aesthetics

There’s a reason why you’re going through — or planning to go through — home improvement: it’s to improve your home and make it look better, right? And did you know that installing windows on your garage door is the easiest way to upgrade the facade of your house?

If you’re going to replace your old garage door, installing windows on it will give your house a completely different look. Instead of installing a solid block of panels, having windows will provide you with the ability to break the monotonous pattern.

You can even choose from different shapes and sizes to match the aesthetics of your newly-improved house. You might even want to consider matching windows on the garage with all the windows around your house to give it a striking new look. After all, nobody wants their garage to look like an area that isn’t a part of their house, right?

Easier Maintenance

Windows rarely need repairs and maintenance; sometimes, you don’t even have to clean them because of their exceptional resistance to stain. Garage doors with windows make it easier for the homeowner to keep their house look clean.

Now, that’s not to say that installing windows on garage doors will free you from the task of cleaning them. It only helps reduce the time you need to clean instead of dealing with the solid panels that you see on many garage doors.


Garage doors are typically very “cookie-cutter” — they look almost exactly the same. Just imagine how your neighborhood would look if every homeowner installs the same solid block of panels in front of their houses. Aside from making your house stand out from the rest, installing windows allows you to go through the creative process of customizing your garage door.

You have tons of options to choose from when installing windows on your garage door. And this is the only part of your house that you can be creative without compromises and can still significantly impact your house’s appearance.

The options you have may vary from the glass type, design, color, shape, and size. All of these, together with your creativity, will make you the pride of the neighborhood. Just think about the satisfaction of knowing that you’re the one responsible for customizing it.

Cons of Garage Doors With Windows

Despite all the advantages that you can get from installing windows on garage doors, it’s not the best solution for everyone. In fact, there are also several equally valid reasons why you shouldn’t have windows on your garage door. Below are some issues that you may want to consider before you start renovating.


We all know that a garage is no longer “just a garage” where you park vehicles — homeowners have various uses for it. Installing windows on your garage door will significantly reduce your privacy because passersby can easily look through the glass panel to see what’s inside.

That’s true. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t even consider installing windows on your garage door. There are several options to address this concern, including the type of window that you’re going to use and the height of the window you’ll install.

If privacy is a concern, you can install the windows a bit higher so that most people can’t peak through them unless they really try. You can also choose a ready-made garage door with high enough windows to have a balance between the advantages of having windows and your privacy.

Glass Breaks

There’s no denying that metal panels are so much better than glass panels when it comes to durability. If your garage has windows, consider using tempered glass because it’s stronger and more resilient to impacts.

Also, despite the risks of breaking windows, it’s still much easier to replace glass panels than replace solid metal panels. However, if you’re in a neighborhood where more kids are playing outside, then you may want to consider different materials that you can use for your garage window.

Garage Door Balance

There’s more mechanism behind a garage door than you might think. In a nutshell, this mechanism takes into account the weight distribution and lifts the door evenly. Normally, it wouldn’t malfunction, especially if a professional installed it.

However, if you will customize your garage door window without considering the weight distribution, it could cause the opener to malfunction. That’s why it’s important to always consider where and how you’re installing the windows, or have a professional install it for you.

Glass Windows Can Attract Burglars

Of all the cons of installing windows on garage doors, attracting burglars is probably the biggest concern for many homeowners. There’s a valid reason behind it because glass breaks easily, and garage windows are usually large enough for an adult to use as an entry point.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can ignore all the benefits just because windows attract burglars. Even in neighborhoods where break-ins are frequent, you can use grills to reinforce your windows. By doing this, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of windows on garage doors without worrying about your safety.

Should You Install a Garage Door With Windows?

With all the advantages that you can get from installing a garage door with windows, it probably makes sense for most homeowners to have one. However, there are some things that you need to consider because the weather and your neighborhood will determine the type of window that you should have.

Consulting a professional will also help determine the most suitable type of window and understand the options available in your area. Aside from that, professionals can also help you avoid all the cons that we’ve discussed.


Windows on garage doors aren’t necessary, but there are several benefits that you can get from them. That’s why it’s important to weigh in on the pros and cons of having them before you even start the renovation.

The pros mentioned earlier are the main reasons you should have windows on your garage door. On the other hand, the cons are things that you should also consider to be sure that you won’t have problems with them.


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