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How To Make Windows Look Bigger From the Outside

In addition to letting light and air in, windows play a massive role in a home’s exterior aesthetic. Large windows, for instance, deliver a look that will leave guests and passersby in awe of your style. So how can you make your windows look bigger from the outside?

To make windows look bigger from the outside, you can decorate them with items like plants or flowers. You could also put wall art around them, add shutters, plant trees around the windows, add a frame to the windows, repaint the exterior of your home, or add a focal point as a distraction.

You can make your windows look more prominent from the outside by doing some simple tasks. Keep reading to learn how to bring your windows to life!

1. Decorate Your Windows

Adding decorations to your windows can make them look more prominent from the outside because it will look like the decor is hiding parts of the windows, even though they’re not!

Fortunately, there are many decoration options to choose from, as discussed below.

Plants and Flowers

Plants and Flowers are some of the most common items people use to make their windows look bigger from the outside. Placing them strategically around your windows not only adds a touch of style but also makes the windows appear larger.

If you want to place flowers around your small windows, you can use pots or baskets. Place them directly on the ground if the window is low. But if the bottom of the windows doesn’t touch the ground, you might have to add shelves and place the flower pots/baskets on them.

Make sure the pots and flowers are tall enough to cover the bottom of the window. If there is a gap between the plant and the window, chances are your window won’t look any larger.

If you don’t want to install a shelf, you could also consider a window box for your plants and flowers.

Wall Art Around the Windows

You could also consider adding some wall art around the windows and exterior of the house to make the windows look bigger. The wall art can act as a distraction and draw attention from your otherwise small windows.

Here are some examples of wall art:

  • Hanging decorations: Add hanging decorations beside your windows to make them look bigger and to draw attention away from them. Hanging decorations can include wall ornaments.
  • Paint: You could paint designs around your windows if you are a talented painter. Alternatively, you can hire a professional to do it. Painting certain designs and patterns can create the illusion of bigger windows.
Garden Gnomes and Other Decorative Items

When I talked about plants and flowers, I mentioned that you could add shelves and place them on the shelves.

But it’s also good to add shelving for other things, like garden decorations. For example, you may have some garden gnomes that you can place around your windows to divert attention from your tiny windows.

Garden gnomes are excellent additions to any house and yard because they add character and color. So why not add some liveliness to your windows by decorating them with some gnomes?

2. Add shutters

Shutters are also a good idea if you want to give the illusion of bigger windows. You can find shutters in many colors, sizes, and designs, meaning you won’t be short of options should you choose to add some to your windows.

They generally sit at the sides of the windows, making them look wider than they are. While it’s OK to have the shutters in the same color as the windows, it’s not entirely necessary. As long as the colors go well together and don’t clash, they will look great!

However, when it comes to making your windows look bigger, it might be a good idea to use shutters that are the same color as the windows. If they’re the same color, they will look more like a part of the windows (rather than separate items), creating the illusion that they’re bigger.

Here are some of the main pros of adding shutters to your windows:

  • They’ll make them look bigger. As already mentioned, shutters are a great way to make your windows look more prominent from the outside!
  • Lots of choices. The choices are endless for window shutters, so you won’t be stuck trying to find the exact color or style you want.
  • They’re stylish and functional. Although you might only need the shutters for style purposes (i.e., to make your windows look bigger), you can also use them to block sunlight and keep a room cooler.
  • They can completely change the look of your home’s exterior. If you want to change the exterior of your home but don’t want to go through the effort of painting or redesigning, shutters are a good choice.

3. Plant Trees Around the Windows

If you’re not interested in adding decorations or shutters to your windows, you might try planting trees around to create an illusion of large windows.

Of course, planting trees will only be possible if you have the appropriate soil around your home. For example, if the ground around your windows is concrete, you’ll need to consider something else.

But if you have the right conditions, you can plant trees to block parts of your windows to make them appear larger. Trees can also be decorative if you choose the right ones and plant them in strategic locations.

Consider a cherry blossom or eastern redbud if you want to plant trees near your windows and simultaneously add a splash of color. Like shutters, there are many tree options to choose from, so you’re bound to find something you like in your local garden center.

If trees are too big for what you’re looking for, you could also consider planting shrubs or bushes close to your windows (as long as they’re big enough to reach them). Like other things, these can also help draw attention away from your windows.

Before you decide to plant trees to make your windows look bigger, there are some things to consider:

  • Ultimate tree dimensions. If you’re planting trees right by the windows, make sure they’re small enough to have adequate space to grow.
  • Care. While many trees are hardy and can survive with minimal care, you’ll need to ensure the trees get enough water and nutrients so that they stay healthy.
  • The trees may block sunlight. As the trees grow around your windows, they may block the sunlight that goes through them. If this would be an issue for you, you may want to consider a different way to make your windows look bigger from the outside.

4. Frame the Windows

If none of the things mentioned so far interest you–or if you want to learn about other options–you should consider framing your windows by adding trim. Adding trim around windows can make them look bigger and add a luxurious finish.

Plus, you can choose from different colors; choose a color that’s the same or similar to the window color. Alternatively, choose a contrasting color.

You can add trim to your windows by yourself, but you can also hire a professional to do it for you. When adding trim, putting it together on a flat surface is easier after taking your measurements. Once done, you can attach it directly to the wall and window.

To learn how to add trim to your windows correctly, be sure to check out this Youtube video by finehomebuilding:

5. Repaint the Exterior of Your Home

You should consider repainting if your windows are small and your home’s exterior paint looks dull and faded. Choosing a fresh color and doing a good paint job can draw attention away from the small windows, making people much less likely to notice them!

You can also paint your window frames, giving them a bright color to make them appear newer and more prominent.

While repainting your home’s exterior can take attention away from the windows and possibly make them look bigger, there are additional benefits.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • It gives your home a fresh look. If you repaint your house’s exterior (including the walls, door, and window frames), it will look more modern and cleaner. Neighbors and other people passing by will likely be drawn to–and impressed by–the new paint job. The last thing they’ll notice is how small the windows are!
  • You can add your own personal style. When painting your house’s exterior, you can choose whichever color(s) you want; there are no rules!
  • Paint will protect your home’s exterior. Not only will painting your house detract attention from the small windows, but it will also protect the walls from damage. Damage may include water damage, mold, scrapes, and chips.

6. Add Distractions in the Front Yard

You can add distractions in the front yard to focus people’s attention elsewhere. While this doesn’t necessarily make the windows look more extensive, it will make people less likely to notice them.

For example, you can revamp your entire front yard by planting flowers and bushes across the space. You can also add decorations around the yard, including:

  • Gnomes: Earlier, I discussed placing gnomes on shelves at your windows. But you could also place them (and other decorations) around your front yard in different places to detract attention.
  • Planters: Planters are containers, often decorative, where plants can grow. You can purchase beautiful planters and plant colorful flowers to bring life and character to your front yard; this will certainly take the attention away from your windows.
  • Fancy lights: Consider adding fancy outdoor lights to brighten your yard and hold people’s attention. You can install lights into the ground in your front yard and make them as basic or fun as you want! Some outdoor lights will add a charming aesthetic to the area.
  • Decorative rocks and stones: In addition to the other items mentioned, you could also add decorative rocks and stones to your front yard. Examples include river rocks, pea gravel, and lava rocks. Pair your decorative rocks with an abundance of colorful plants to keep the attention away from your windows!

7. Add a Focal Point

In the last section, I discussed revamping your front yard and adding different things to detract attention from your small windows.

However, you could also add a focal point to your yard, which would be the main point of attraction. Anyone who looks toward your home will notice the focal point first rather than anything else.

A focal point can be different things, including:

  • A beautiful, large tree. If you have a few small trees around the yard, you can add a large one as the main focal point. Of course, the major downside is that it can take many years to grow big enough.
  • A water feature. A fountain is an example of a water feature that will undoubtedly grab (and keep) people’s attention. It will work amazingly as the focal point by distracting from the windows and other parts of the house’s exterior.
  • A statue or sculpture. You don’t have to buy the most expensive or exquisite figure. As long as it looks the part and goes with your home and yard’s overall style, it will look beautiful and grab people’s attention.
  • A decorative item. Even if you already have some decorative items around the front yard, you can add one that stands out from the rest. This may include a large rock, a table and chairs, or a decorative container.

You can combine this tip with other tips (such as adding shutters or repainting the exterior) to give the illusion of bigger windows.


You can do different things to make your windows look bigger from the outside. For example, decorating windows with items like flowers and ornaments on a shelf is an excellent way to make them appear larger.

You could also install shutters on your windows, as they’ll make them look bigger while also keeping the home cool.

Here are other ways to make windows look more significant from the outside or detract attention from them:

  • Plant trees around the windows.
  • Add trim to the windows.
  • Repaint the exterior.
  • Add a focal point to the yard.


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